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Barbara Beeman, Bill Bannon and John Parrott

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Networking Cafe was established in 1999 under the premise of creating a forum for social and business networking. This year, Networking Cafe will launch phase two of its plan to bridge the gap between people who want to start a business without a great startup capital and those who were never able to start their businesses because of the intensive capital investment. was created with the intention to bridge the gap between the two entrepreneurial groups.

Equipped with a first class office, My Virtual Office Place is a 3,000 square foot facility that also houses a conference room, meeting room, and a lecture hall. Other amenities, such as projection room, smart boards, and white board are also provided.

Fastest internet   connection

 Full service facility

Experience you can   depend on.
 Free computer Estimate

Virus removal

 System upgrade

Bayonne Town Center
Come visit Bayonne and find out the many benifits to working and living here.
Need a virtual office space? This is the place

Full service fax and coping center

Learning Center/Private Lessons

Basic operating system

points Microsoft Office

Photoshop / Camera



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